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Make sure that your private voice teacher can see your “full potential”

By Arumuga ganesh


If you are paying people to help you develop your singing voice, make sure that they see the potential in you that you think you have. Make sure that there is a match.

If they don’t see it move on.

Now, this is not black in white. I am speaking to a reasonable sence. Some people who take singing lessons think they are the next Maria Carey, or Kelly Clarkson, but in truth most people are not because they have not been born with the natural talent to reach those lofty levels of singing. (You of course may be the exception).

I am speaking to the level of someone who sees a glimmer of something in you. That your teacher senses what is special about you as a singer and works to bring it out. Every singer is different. Each person has something special to offer: the great actress, sweet-voiced, funny character belter, pathos, coyness, natural blues singer, renaissance voice, folk artist…

Can your teacher see who you are in there and help you best to bring it out? You should know. Do you walk away from lessons with new insights about your own voice that excite you? Do you feel like they help you to pick the perfect songs and genres? (Not every voice fits every type of music.) Can they hear where your voice is best suited in the singing world?

A private voice lesson should not be the same for every person. Different vocal exercises and concepts need to be suited to every singer. Students need to work on different things: confidence, performance, beauty of the voice, projection, diction, musicality, high notes, low notes…

Make sure you are not just getting the “minimum level of dedication from your teacher”. Look for an air of excitement from your teacher when you walk into your lesson.

Your time with him/her should be totally focused on making you the best singer that you can be.

Sing well!

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