PopYOUlarity by Debbie Fettback- Improve Your Voice With “Voice Lessons to Go”

Improve Your Voice With “Voice Lessons to Go”


After teaching hundreds of vocal students in Los Angeles, Ariella Vaccarino started the “Voice Lessons To Go” brand. Vocal instruction is at your fingertips regardless of preferred genre and skill level, and at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Regardless of your location or income, you can access these great lessons on CD.

Each disc guides the listener through exercises, vocal examples and piano accompaniment by Ariella Vaccarino. As an amateur vocalist, I found the lessons to be straight forward, and that Vaccarino was easy to follow. The exercises are efficient and well thought out.
Vaccarino starts her student off with easy exercises and increases the difficulty until the exercises are suitable for a professional-level singer.

This set includes: 
Vocalize and Breath: Singing warmup with deep breathing exercises and proper posture
Do Re Mi/Ear Pitch and Training: Proper warm-ups and improving pitch.
Pure Vowels: Teaches how to shape vowels so every word is understood.
Stamina: This is designed to challenge an experienced singer’s abilities with vocal exercises.

What I liked about these vocal lessons was that Vaccarino demonstrated the importance of practice makes perfect; there is no easy road to honing your skills as a vocalist. I would recommend working your way through each CD one at a time. If you are consistent with your practicing, you will see results.

Voice lessons to go is helping me to find my true voice. If you really are serious about improving your voice, this set, Voice Lessons To Go, set will definitely help.


+ Debbie Fettback