Voice Lessons To Go – A Different Kind Of CD-#MMMGiftGuide

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Growing up my mama was always in the church choir and my dad would sing all the time. They harmonized very nicely together and singing was something we all loved to do around the campfire. My parents have always been great singers and I longed to be one as well.  I was in several different choirs, joined my college choral group, have been caroling during the holidays and I even participated in a Youth Sing project in Halifax during high school. I loved to sing and dreamed of one day singing on a big stage! Oh, it is good to have dreams.   

Despite my love for singing I had one problem: fear. I was always nervous when I had to sing in front of people, other than family, by myself.  I believed I had the chops, but not the guts.  This fear lead me to neglect singing and eventually make excuses to stop trying, stop practicing, stop dreaming of that big stage. Then I heard about Voice Lessons To Go! 

Singing is like a sport.  It involves effectively using specific muscles in order to get the ultimate result.  Like an athlete, the singer needs to train regularly and efficiently.  Good technique, a strong foundation, and lots of practice are all critical factors to training.  But private voice lessons are expensive, and not everyone has access to quality vocal coaches in their area.  Voice teacher and singer, Ariella Vaccarino, created Voice Lessons To Go™ in order to make quality vocal instruction affordable for anyone who loves to sing – from the professional singer looking to supplement their training to the person who only really “sings out” in the privacy of their own car. Everyone can learn to improve their singing, and Voice Lessons To Go™ is a great way to get started on improving your voice. 


For as little as $14.99 you can start learning how to become a better singer, all in the comfort of your own home. Voice Lessons To Go offers a large array of instructional CDs to choose from, for children on up to adults.  You can select what you need, like Pitch Training or Stamina all the way to Vocal Repair and more! The level of information, advice, tips and training offered on all Voice Lessons To Go CDs is amazing! There is no need to pay a huge fee to a vocal coach and you can learn at your own pace. Just remember to practice! 

Any or all of the Voice Lessons To Go CDs would make a great gift for the aspiring singer in your family or even just the day dreamers. Check out their site for a list of all the CDs available and some great tips. You can also find them on Twitter,  Facebook andYouTube!  

What is your favourite type of music to sing? That dream I mentioned earlier, well I longed to sing in a musical like Les Misérables. ♥