Singing is like a sport.  It involves effectively using specific muscles in order to get the ultimate result.  Like an athlete, the singer needs to train regularly and efficiently.  Good technique, a strong foundation, and lots of practice are all critical factors to training.  But private voice lessons are expensive, and not everyone has access to quality vocal coaches in their area.  Voice teacher and singer, Ariella Vaccarino, created Voice Lessons To Go™ in order to make quality vocal instruction affordable for anyone who loves to sing – from the professional singer looking to supplement their training to the person who only really “sings out” in the privacy of their own car. Everyone can learn to improve their singing, and Voice Lessons To Go™ is a great way to get started on improving your voice. With vocal warm-ups and instruction based on the same principles of classical training and musicianship coursework, these CDs teach fundamentals that are essential to developing your singing voice:

  •  V.1 - Vocalize & Breath: Vocal warm-ups, breathing exercises and general singing advice

  •  V.2 - Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training: Ear Training, musicianship through vocal warm-ups

  •  V.3 - Pure Vowels: Vowel production, “Bella Voce”

  •  V.4 – Stamina: Build up stamina and improve vocal strength

  •  Sing Out Proud!: Introduction to music education using singing warm-ups for pre-kindergarten – 5th grade+

Ariella guides you through the exercises on each CD with the goal of helping you improve and strengthen your vocal instrument so that you can apply what you’ve learned to any style of singing – from Rock and Pop to Broadway and Opera. And because you can use the CDs anywhere you happen to be, sticking with a vocal exercise program is convenient and easy – whether you are practicing in the comfort of your own home, on the go with your mp3 player, or driving in your car. With Voice Lessons To Go™, developing your singing voice no longer has to be just for professionals who make a career with their voice or for people with disposable incomes who can afford private lessons. Now you too can get started with quality vocal training with Voice Lessons To Go™.