How To Use VLTG

There’s no shortcut to good vocal technique, it requires practice. Practice. Practice again. And then practice some more. The Voice Lessons To Go™ series was designed to be a foundation to your vocal training and is a valuable tool for all levels of singers – from introducing you to basic principles in vocalizing, breathing and ear training to establishing an excellent daily warm-up routine and increasing your vocal range, tone and stamina.  Warming up the voice prior to singing is vital to keeping your vocal chords healthy. The muscles used when singing can start the day off “brittle” and “cold”. So, just as we would warm-up before running, lifting weights or playing a sport, it is important to stretch and relax those muscles before singing. A daily vocal warm-up helps prevent damage to your vocal chords and can set you on the path for a good day of singing!

The best way to utilize the products will vary depending on your singing level, experience and particular need:

Beginners & Intermediate Singers

For those just starting out, or who may have had some previous training, the CDs are designed to help take you from singing along with the radio to having a better understanding your vocal instrument – teaching you the rudiments of vocal exercises, musicianship, and how to develop your voice in order to be able to sing (and sing better!).

  • Begin with Volumes I and 2, alternating between the two.

  • Work slowly until the exercises become comfortable. The degree of difficulty for each exercise will vary depending on how long you’ve been singing and if you’ve had previous training.

  • As your vocal muscles and musical ear development progress, move on to the next CD (from Volume I to Volume 4) until you are able to rotate between all four CDs.

Advanced Singers & Professionals

There is no substitute for a good voice teacher. But, with voice lessons that can cost upwards of $150 an hour, it can be prohibitive to get the regular training needed to really keep your voice in shape and take you to the next level. For professionals and more advanced singers, Voice Lessons To Go™ is the perfect supplement to training – providing you with a daily exercise routine to warm-up, keep your voice in shape, and focus on those areas that may need some improvement.

  • Use Volume 1 as a general, easy warm-up prior to more demanding singing, or to help get your voice back into shape after a break.

  • Work on Volume 2 to increase your musicianship skills through vocal warm-ups and solfege. Perfect for developing your ear while developing your singing voice!

  • Volumes 3 & 4 give the “next step” in daily vocal training, helping you discover your vocal range, build stamina, and improve your vowel production – working toward achieving “Bella Voce” (beautiful singing).

Teachers & Coaches

For over 10 years, voice teachers, vocal coaches and choral directors, have relied on Voice Lessons To Go™ products to help supplement their training programs. The CDs and transcribed compilation, Vocalize!, provide an invaluable resource in ear training, musicianship and exercises that help students overcome specific issues. Because the series was created to grow with students, it can be effectively utilized and adapted for long-term vocal training.

  •  Use the CDs as a teaching tool to aide in daily vocalizes, ear training, musicianship and more.

  •  Students can use the series at home to supplement their training.

  •  Individualize exercises provided in the CDs with the transcribed compilation, Vocalize!

  •  Use Voice Lesson To Go to aid in developing curriculum and coursework

Kids & Parents

Do you hear talent in your child’s singing voice? Does your child have difficulties with their voice or challenges singing in front of people? Has your child been incessantly asking you for voice lessons – but, lessons seem too pricey? Are you a parent or teacher dismayed by budget cuts that leave our schools without any sort of arts program? Are you homeschooling your child and in need of art education resources? Designed for kids, Sing Out Proud! is a great, low-cost way to introduce children to music education through singing.

  • Use as an introduction to the basic fundamentals of vocal warm-ups

  •  Gauge your child’s interest in singing and commitment to vocal training

  •  Supplement music education no longer provided in elementary schools

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