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Q & A with Ariella Vaccarino

Do you have a general singing question or question about how to use Voice Lessons To Go™?

Send your questions to me at: qa@voicelessonstogo.com. I will answer as many as I can right here on this page.

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A Few Answers to Your Singing Questions

How does purchasing a Vocal Assessment for someone work?

December 1, 2015

Hi. I would like to purchase your voice assessment for my Dad for Christmas. Do I simply need to purchase it and will receive some sort of code he then uses? Thank you.- Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Vocal Assessment for your Dad.  How cool your dad must be!  Just purchase which ever Assessment you select.  I will have order confirmation on file and you will receive an order number.  When he is ready tell him to send me a recording of his voice (does not have to be perfect!) with his questions and to reference the order number.  Happy holidays!- Ariella Vaccarino

Can't Purchase your box set from Canada,

December 3rd, 2015


I am very interested in purchasing your complete set, however I cannot purchase this online as I have a Canadian address. How should I proceed?
Thank you, -Johanne

Hi Joanne,
Thank you for your interest in my Products there is an issue with my new webhosting company to purchase out of the USA.  This is something I am working on.  In the meantime,  I can invoice you directly through PayPal. Just tell me what products you would you like and I will invoice you right away.  I ship worldwide. 
Ariella Vaccarino

Hi...just wondering what style you would consider your voice. Your voice sounds classical or almost operatic to me. ..maybe broadway style. thanks, jennifer

October 7th, 2015

Hi Jennifer,
I am a trained Opera Singer. My voice types is acutally Lyric Coloratura, but I do not use the super high part of my voice for the CDs. I try and stay mid range. I also pull back a bit on the
"Opera" so that it doesn't overwhelm the "NON-Opera singer". Thanks for asking.
Are you a singer as well? What type of voice and genre?
Ariella Vaccarino

Hi Ariella - I played your CD to my little 8 year old niece and 10 year old nephew, and they loved it. I have been singing for years, been in choirs, and done solo performances, and I love your teaching method. I have learned a lot, thank you! My question is - I just ordered the kids sing out CD for my niece, and her birthday is on Sept. 26th. Do you think the CD will arrive in time? I should have ordered it earlier, but I didn't know they would take to the lessons as much as they did (and I do!). Best, Melissa -September 9th, 2015

Hi Melissa! Thank you for your order. I will ship it out on the 15th. I live in Los Angeles so you should get it by the 25th for sure. :)
Ariella Vaccarino

New to singing- How should I use your Voice Lessons To Go CDs effectively?

April 9th, 2014

Hello Ariella,

I just purchased your box set a few days ago and I practice on my way to work. I’m wondering, can anyone learn to sing? I’ve never sang before and lately I’ve been so interested and bought your CDs. They’re fun! Will it improve my singing real soon if I practice everyday? How many minutes/times should I practice? Thank you -Crystal J

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for contacting me and for using my CDs. I am happy to hear that you have recently caught the bug to sing. I will say, that in my experience everyone can learn to sing better.

Not everyone can be a great singer though. Born talent is gifted to us mysteriously at many different levels. Most people can sing OK to good, rarely are people horrible or fantastic.

The most important thing is that it gives you joy to do it, so you should keep on singing and enjoy yourself. The more joy you feel, the more others will feel from you.

Sing as much as feels comfortable. The more you practice with the CDs the stronger your voice will become, but you never want to push or strain. And remember we sing with muscles, so just like any activity, you can’t go from zero to a full marathon. You need to build up your stamina. Try singing through my CDs every other day at first, and then push to everyday if all feels good. Listen to your own body. If something does not feel right, discontinue or take a break. Muscles need time to develop.

I hope that helps!

Ariella Vaccarino

How do I study with you on the internet if I am in India? 

April 1st, 2014


I was wondering if we could do voice lessons via skype — I am based in India currently. I am not looking to be a professional but I would love to be able to sing better and just learn music.

Would it be possible to have an initial assessment with you to see how this could work?



Hi Prea,

So nice to hear from you all the way from India. The internet is really amazing.

There are two ways you can work with me.

1) Purchase a Vocal Assessment from me- you send me clips of you singing, audio or video with questions and I send you my critics and advice. You can do these on a regular basis if you’d like.

2) Skype or Google Hangouts actual LIVE lessons with me. These are more complicated to schedule since we have such a time difference. If we can figure that part out. It is $50 for half an hour or $100 for an hour to work with me. These can be set up regularly as well (depending on schedule and availability).

Here is a link to a blog I wrote about how to sudy with me via the internet.

I look forward to hearing you!


How do I use your book Vocalize, with your Voice Lessons To Go CD box set?

November 7th, 2013

Hi ariella

Bought the vocalize book recently and all your CDs. Where are the tracks that go along w the book?



Hi Lindalee,

Thank you for purchasing my Voice Lessons To Go products. I hope they help you with your singing

The book is easy to follow. The top corner of each exercise in the book has a picture of one of the CDs and the track number that the exercise goes with under it. The book goes in the exact order of the four CDs. Let me know if you have any further questions.

*Note- there is an introduction in the book explaining how to play the exercises on the piano that is not a part of the CDs. The CD tracks start up on page 24.

Thank you!

Ariella Vaccarino

Can I purchase your CDs with a credit card?

October 25th, 2013

Dear Ariella,

I am a 70 year old woman who began singing 6 years ago. I have taken lessons, but am not currently. I belong to a community chorus and my church choir. I was interested in purchasing your 1-4 volume set of exercises. Can I not purchase them on a credit card? I don’t want to use PenPal. Thank you

Hi Wilma,

You can purchase my CDs through Amazon with a credit card. Or you can send me a check or money order through an order on my website http://www.voicelessonstogo.com. if you do not wish to pay with paypal you can contact with me at orders@voicelessonstogo.com.  Write down your order and I will send you an invoice with the address to send your check or money order to.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Lessons for my 12 year old daughter? 

October 25th, 2013

I am interested in private voice lessons for my daughter who is 12. I wanted more information and your availability .

Thank you, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for contacting me regarding voice lessons for your daughter. I will call you to discuss scheduling one.


Can I download your CDs?

October 25th, 2013

Hello, I live in Singapore.do i have a choice to pay and download the content instead of purchasing a CD?


Hello Parasu,

Thank you for your interest in my Voice Lessons To Go CDs. They are available for download on Amazon, itunes, and cdbaby. I also ship world-wide.  Send me your order details at orders@voicelessonstogo.com.  I will invoice you through paypal within a few hours.  Thank you.

Can I improve my vocal range, and change my fach?

July 21st, 2008

I am in college; I take voice as a hobby. (I think that, in addition to reading, it’s my favorite one.) I wanted to know: A. Can vocal range be “improved?” My lower range isn’t the best, and I wish I could sing higher. B. I hear there are nine “sub-types” of soprano? Is it at all possible, (at least to some degree), to improve repertoire? To statemy query a different way, I’ve heard lots of operatic and

musical/Broadway songs I’ve loved and wish, at least once, to try and sing, if only in the presence of my vocal instructor. Is altering/improving/slightly changing one’s “sub-class” possible in any

way with training? Would performing these songs be at all feasible with hard work?

Thanks for the help; I’m very grateful.

Amy Herstein

Hi Amy,

Thank you for trusting me with your singing questions.

A. Yes, your vocal range can be improved. You are born with a voice that sits in a natural place, that you can’t change, but you can get yourself singing in the healthiest and freest way possible that allows for all of your naturally given range to fill in. You need to be supporting your voice, using the correct abdominal muscles, getting the throat muscles and tongue out of the way so that your sound is free to come out and flourish. Combing free singing and properly supported singing, will increase your range and stamina.

B. Regarding being able to fit yourself into certain subclasses of the soprano voice, also known as your Fach, again, I believe you are naturally preprogrammed to lend your voice to a certain fach. But that is will great singing technique. I have not heard you and do not know how far you have to grow as a singer. A lyric soprano, may never be able to touch a coloraturas range, as a coloratura may never find herself singing with a rich luscious warm quality.

Some voices tend to have qualities of a few different fachs and a choice has to be made by the instructor or singer as to which direction they should study. Just because you can sing a dramatic sopranos Aria well, does not mean your voice could handle it night after night in a production. It is vocal quality, range, timbre, body strength, and physical build that determines your fach.

The best thing you can do of course id get yourself to a great voice teacher for their opinion of your voice and its possibilities. I would be happy to hear and assess you in my “Vocal Assessment” program on my website, to give you some more personal input.

It’s great to hear how much you are enjoying to sing!

Ariella Vaccarino

Different teaching techniques? 

July 18th, 2008

Hi Ariella,

I have started to take lessons with an instructor. She is 25 yrs old and not certified. What I find “different” is that she is giving me theory, teaching me how to read music and uses to piano for that purpose. When I took lessons in Madrid we went straight into the scales and we used the words” do re mi fa sol la si”. She uses A B C…etc. Do you think this is a good style? I love your CDs and I use them both. Maybe Kathy is not the right instructor for voice. Hopefully I will.

You sound so Italian, I would love to meet you. I spent years in Rome with the U.S. Embassy and Italian is a language I love and would like to keep it.

Have a nice weekend,

Hello, There are many approaches to teaching voice. Using solfege (do re Mi- as in my v.2 CD), warming up to songs, just warming up to vowels, singing the letter notes of the scales, (A B C…)

What matters most is that your voice feels good and that you are improving and not regressing in your vocal production. You should like your teacher and enjoy the lessons that you take. You should never feel any strain or unnatural singing. Other than that, trust your instinct and study with someone who makes you feel good about singing.


Is it too late for me to start singing? 

July 18th, 2008

Dear Ariella,

Is there an age for voice lessons? I am retired and love to sing but I have never continued with lessons because of continuous relocations, from Europe to Latin America and vice versa, due to my job. Now I would love to start taking singing; I have purchased your two CDs and would also like to take lessons with a teacher. What do you recommend I do and how? I just love your voice, I wish I could sing like that. Do you have any other CDs? Thank you, Inge.

Hello Inge, Thank you for your kind words. Of course it is NEVER too late to take voice lessons (http://voicelessonstogo.com/). You should absolutely do what you enjoy in life! Unfortunately, I am in LA so I can not be your voice teacher (http://voicelessonstogo.com/blog/). I suggest you call some university music departments in your area for a referral. I currently have volume 1-4 of Voice Lessons To GO. So v.3 Pure Vowels and v.4 Stamina would be next for you. I offer “Your Vocal Assessment” on my site if you need access to a voice teacher (me). You send me your voice and I send you my assessment within the week. Happy singing. Ariella.

How do I use Voice Lessons To Go CD? 

July 15th, 2008

Dear Ariella,

This is Omar Al-Marzooqi from United Arab Emirates known as (UAE). I purchased your Cd’s and I am in the first CD which is Volume 1.

I have a question regarding the exercises. You set a 23 vocal exercises and 14 breathing exercises, How many times should I use or practice each exercise?

Is it better to go all over the vocal exercises and breathing every time I start practicing or take every time 1 exercise from vocal and breathing, or another way I have to exercise?

could you clarify it for me please?

I really appreciate this effort for making these lessons.



Hi Omar

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for purchasing my voice lessons CDs. Please follow them in order. For example: Do all of the exercises in the vocal section all the way through to warm up your voice and then sing through whatever songs you want to work on of your own. The breathing exercises can be done before you warm up your voice or any time that is convenient. It is not necessary to do the breathing exercises every time or all of them. But the more you do the better you will become at them and the stronger you will be vocally I hope I answered your questions. Take care Ariella.

Is there a book to go with the CDs? 

July 15th, 2008

Hi Ariella,

I have bought all your 4 Vocal training CDs  and found them to be very good.

I wish in the future you will provide a booklet for each CD so that the voice lessons can be followed and practiced easily. It would be great if there were visuals, a VCD or DVD version would really make a lot of difference.

Warm regards

Lazar Thobias


Thank you for your input Lazar, It is good to hear from people who use my CDs. The point in the “To Go” for the CDs was that you have no book or anything to hold you back from just singing to them in the car. In the future I hope to come out with many products and I will keep your advice in mind. By the end of this month my new sheet music compilation to all the CDs will be out, in contains all the written music and advice for each exercise. It is called Vocalize!. It will be available on my website.  I am offering something called “your vocal assessment” where you send me your voice and I assess and critique and send it back. It is for people who don’t have voice teachers and need a second ear for advice.

Hope this helps a bit and thank you for your feedback!


What style should I be singing? 

July 15th, 2008

Hello there! I just bought your two CD’s..and they are WONDERFUL….I’ve been wanting to learn how to sing for the longest time now and I finally took the initiative to learn the other day…so I ordered your CD’s…and they’ve been super helpful so far…so I thank you for that. I just have one question — how do I find out what kind of singer I am using your CD’s? Is it possible to find out? And do you suggest I take private lessons along with the CD’s?

Once again, thank you…..



Hi Myra,

I am so happy you are working with and enjoying my voice lessons. When you ask me what kind of singer you are do you mean voice type or genre? Voice type would be alto, soprano, mezzo-soprano in other words the range of notes you feel comfortable singing best and where you voice sits. Or do you mean what style would suit you best: classical, rock, pop etc…

I would be happy to assess your voice in my Vocal Assessment section on of the website. You send me your voice and I assess it within a week. Other than that, you need to sing what is comfortable. If there is a certain style that calls to you, try it out and see if it fits.

A voice teacher (myself or another one), can let you know if the timbre and quality of your voice fits a certain genre. As far as range goes, again sing what is comfortable. There should never be any straining or pushing. Certain notes will just automatically fit into your tessiatura- that is the natural range your voice shines in.

Good Luck.- Ariella

More recordings of yourself?

July 15th, 2008

Hi Ariella, i have been using your voice lesson cds  simultaneously with studying voice at Juilliard and with my private voice teacher  and i love your cds for a quick warm up in the car. I wanted to know if you had any more recordings of yourself singing besides the ones on your website?


Mr. Nicholas Roehler – Pianist and Tenor Vocalist

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your nice email. I am glad that my CDs are working out for you. I do not have any recording of myself for purchase as a singer at this time- check back on that in the future. I have come out with two new volumes of Voice Lessons TO Go (so there are four now) and at the end of this month, Vocalize! will be coming out and available. It is the sheet music transcription of all four voice lesson CDs which may be great for you since you are also a pianist. I have a new website that just came out, check it out at.


Can both males and females benefit from Voice Lessons To Go? 

July 10th, 2008

Email from Olimpio Russo

Hi. Are the voice lessons to go cds for females only, or for both, males and females?

Hi, my goal for Voice Lessons To Go is to bring singing to anyone who wants to learn. That is why I have had to keep the range of them friendly for all singers. I encourage you on the CDs to drop out at any point in any exercise if you feel they are too low or high. So these are for both male and female singers. Thank you for your interest.