V.2 ‐ Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training

Ear training is the process of understanding music and sound – the connection between notes, intervals, chords, etc. with what we hear. Because there is a direct connection between hearing correctly and singing accurately, ear training is vital to learning to sing. Solfege, or Do, Re, Mi (like the song from Sound of Music), is one of the most critical musical skills for training the ear. It is the universal language of music that helps develop relative pitch and teaches sight-singing (the ability to sing a melody just by looking at the notes, or knowing the notes just by hearing the tune).

V.2 - Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training focuses on improving your musicianship and sense of pitch. Filled with vocal exercises using solfege (Do, Re Mi), it is great for training your ear as well as strengthening your voice. The CD starts off with simple tone recognition, then moves on to solfege – concentrating on singing through exercises based on forms of the major and chromatic scales, and ends with “Hearing Your Note” which teaches you how to pick out and sing specific notes of a group.

For beginning singers, Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training is the key to really understanding music. It provides university-level musicianship education that most singing teachers don’t teach – developing your ability to recognize intervals without looking at the piano or music.

* Develops ear training and improves musicality
* Demonstrates the relationships between notes
* Helps develop sight-reading skills
* Provides music education
* Provides a good vocal warm-up

For professionals and more seasoned singers, Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training is a good “refresher course” for the fundamentals of solfege and keeping your ear in shape. In addition to refining musicianship skills – intonation, note interval, aural skills– the CD is a great alternative warm-up pattern focused on ear training.

* Provides an additional warm-up using the Do, Re, Mi major and chromatic scales
* Gives a new way to hear intervals and the relationships between the notes – solfege is not just in the major scales, but is broken out in many different patterns
* Improves intonation and relative pitch
* Provides music teachers a tool to use in teaching ear training

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