Kids CD - Sing Out Proud!

Children’s voices are joyous instruments. But, their voices are young and not yet fully developed. Proper singing instruction that is geared toward a child’s capabilities and guides them, in a healthy way, through good basic vocal warm-ups is essential in developing good singing habits that will not damage a child’s developing voice.

V.1 – Sing out Proud! was designed specifically for the younger singer. It introduces kids to the world of singing and teaches them how to warm up their voices in a healthy, fun way. With gentler vocal ranges, the exercises are easy to follow, easy to do, and easy on the voice. And it is an excellent way to provide kids with the number one quality needed as a performer – confidence!

This first volume in the “For Kids” series contains tips on healthy singing, including correct posture, breathing and diction as well as singing warm-ups broken up into three separate vocalizes: singing numbers (1, 2, 3), singing syllables (la), and singing solfege (do, re, mi) . Musical terms such as “major scales”, “chords”, “octaves”, “staccato” and “legato” are sung and explained throughout.

Developed for children ages 4 – 10+, the goal of Sing Out Proud! is to build healthy, confident voices and provide an introduction to music education – creating good singers on the road to becoming young musicians.

  • Teaches the basic fundamentals of singing warm ups

  • Easy to follow, easy to do - not too vocally challenging

  • Low-cost alternative to introducing kids to music education and singing instruction

  • Perfect for testing a child’s interest level and commitment to vocal training

  • For preschool age children through 5th grade+

  • Great supplement for schools that no longer provide music education, or as an arts education resource for homeschooling.

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