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Beautiful singing voice, dead face.- Not enough

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


The singing voice needs to be fabulous of course. You should as an audience be able to close your eyes and hear something special when someone is singing whether it be peaceful, exciting, piercing, velvety, powerful, or sweet.

But, we watch people with OPEN EYES so there needs to be something worth looking at. I am not speaking about beauty of the face. I am speaking about a beauty that emits from a person through their face when they sing. There are different types of energy that draw us in to singers, just like there are different sounds. But no matter what, there has to be something.

A dead face is not enough to sustain singing success. Whether it be in your church choir, a rock band, or on stage in a musical you must have something special worth watching to earn and keep your post.

I really would rather see a performance of any sort by an average singer who is charismatic and exciting to watch than a great singer who is dull and lifeless in performance. I would cast a show according to the most electrifying performer, not the prettiest sound.

Now ideally you need BOTH. That is what can take you to the top.

Someone that people can’t get enough both WATCHING and LISTENING to.

So who are you as a singer? Can you rate yourself honestly in these areas? Is there something about you worth watching? Do people tell you that you “move them”, that they can’t take their eyes off of you, that you were hilarious, that you brought them to tears, that you were sexy, mysterious, passionate, pure, joyous? Do people give you these adjectives? If they do, (and you don’t need all of them) then you are on the right track.

Sing through your eyes and face. Your face should look full of life and pleasure when you sing for people.

You need to represent something that people wish they could be doing.

To sing and perform is such a special thing. Not everyone is cut out for it. If you want to do it, you need to have a passion that beams from you when you are on the stage.

Practice singing in front of a mirror regularly. Watch yourself. Are you convincing? Take an acting class to help wake up the performer in yourself. Give of your whole self when you are on that stage. It is so fulfilling if you do. It will also help you to stand out and bring more opportunities your way. Never “half give”. Sing it all away.

Sing well!

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