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Chest verses Head- The vocal battle.

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


I just finished working with a fantastic newer student. A sophomore in High School with gorgeous chest voice. I am reminded of the difficult battle between head and chest voice at that age. The head voice is not yet developed and is breathy and soft while the chest voice is strong and fierce.

It makes song selections a battle.

It makes auditions a battle.

And lessons can feel frustrating.

Not hitting D's and E's (the octave above middle C) with a powerful head voice, is NOT A FAILING MOMENT for a young voice student. Also feeling like belting chest up there is closer to screaming, is also about right. There is a fine line between a high belt and a scream. It takes practice and not all are born to achieve success at it.

There is though that beautiful head voice that once developed can give you the ultimate freedom to sing high WITHOUT vocal strain.

I always say that it is important to develop the "whole voice" top to bottom. I know as a younger student it can be extremely frustrating to practice hitting D's and E's in head voice while the rest of your song feels so successful. I think it is so important to vocalize all the way up and to switch over to head when it feels natural.

During that "awkward vocal age" while your voice is in development, warm up your whole voice. From chest to head to chest. The only way you can get good and feel natural at it is by practicing doing it. This way, once the head comes in, it will fall into place and be ready.

For those of you who may find the terminology to be different I am speaking about the head voice or what some call the falsetto voice. I am particularly speaking about the preteen female voice.

For myself, my head voice came in strong at a young age which is why I "fell into" opera. I could hit the soprano parts as well as belt. But, not as many could hit as high with that much power at my age, so I therefore became labeled "the soprano".

Sing what is comfortable. Push yourself for your auditions and performances of course. But warm up and train in the healthiest singing voice possible. It will give you years of good voice.

Also, allow yourself to be and sound like a younger singer if that is what you are. We are all chasing your youth, so enjoy all that comes with it.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino (creator of Voice Lessons To Go)


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