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Easy basic Singing Vocal Warm-ups *chest voice*

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

The "chest voice", is the voice of today.- it's on the radio, in your modern tv movie musicals, and on every Variety Show on Television. I myself being a trained opera singer with an extremely developed head voice, want you to learn how to train your WHOLE voice of course..., but I will start with some simple chest voice exercises to get you going. :)

I can not deny the popularity of the chest voice today. Many of my incredible students mainly use their chest voice for their singing careers.

I break down the exercises so they are easy to do. Then I play with the tempo to show the value of varying the speed of your singing vocal warm-up.

I like to think of this time of year with school starting and summer fading as a fresh start for anyone who wants to start training their voice or getting themselves back into vocal shape!
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Here is this week's video:

Easy basic SINGING VOCAL warm-ups *chest voice*

Four simple singing vocal warm-up exercises to start your vocalizing off by Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go. Join Ariella in singing through 4 Vocalizes she pulls from her v.1 CD Vocalize and Breath. Her exercises are explained clearly as she plays through them on the piano for you from her book, Vocalize!.

Easy basic SINGING VOCAL warm-ups *chest voice*
by Ariella Vaccarino,
creator of Voice Lessons To Go

(This week's video is simple and basic using just the chest voice. I pull 4 exercises from my v.1 CD, Vocalize and Breath and play them straight out of my Book, Vocalize! on the piano for the video.)

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Sing well everyone!
Ariella Vaccarino