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Hey singer, the best actor wins the part.

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


Inspired again by a recent student I taught:

What will win the heart on stage of the audience, is the quality of acting that you can capture as the character you are playing in your song. I would cast the best actor for a singing part, not the best singer. Because after a while, even if your voice is beautiful, the audience needs more than beauty to stay engaged for long periods of time. Yes, of course there are exceptions to this. I am quite sure if Pavarotti never acted a day in his life he would still have been beloved, but in general it is the emotion that grabs and sustains the audiences heart form the character on stage. That is what moves us through song.

Are you in the role with every inch, not just your voice? It was such a pleasure this morning to work with this young singer for the first time. His voice was nice, but his acting was tremendous. He had me the minute I began to play the accompaniment of the song till the last moment of the last chord was held to. He was the character and in the moment 100% committed to his role.

The singing, as crazy as this may sound, didn't really matter. It was his face that captured me and pulled me in. The song was very emotional and he delivered it like a monologue, he just happened to be singing. (And he sang it very well). But he did not engage me due to his singing voice it was from his emotional depth that he was able to convey the moment the song began.

It is something to think about. Are you working on your acting singers? Don't just be another pretty voice. In fact, a lot of successful singers on Broadway do not have the most beautiful voices. What they have is a strong ability to sing and an amazing stage presence and demand of character and emotion.

Take that in and put it to your own music. Can you deliver the words to your song like a straight monologue and be effective as an actor?

Singers, take some acting classes, do improv classes, take the song out of your stage every once in a while and try to command interest with just straight words and acting. Can you do that? Are you good on stage without your singing voice? The stronger you are in your presence, acting, and charisma the better you will be as a singer. The more developed, layered, interesting, and enthralling you will be to watch. Remember often you will be at an audition for whatever kind of music you sing, and you will have to stand out. What makes someone stand out from all the others when everyone all ready is good?-The acting.

Take it seriously.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino (creator of Voice Lessons To Go)


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