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How long should my vocal warm-up be

By Arumuga ganesh

I’m singing with a two choruses in NYC. Its wonderful, but I notice that are warmups tend to be only 10 minutes long. I also found myself a voice teach that says the same thing but there are times when I am warming up when I like going through a longer warmup. After I’ve done that I find myself very relaxed and tend to sing well whatever I want. How can I get that same relaxation doing a shorter warmup?
Hi Cat,
I slow long warm up is ideal. It can’t always happen. If I were you I would do a good “pre-warm up”. You can start it simply by humming in the shower, or gentle vocalizing in morning before you start using your speaking voice for the day. Physical exercises also helps to warm up the voice becuase it gets your muscles awakened and active which is important for your abdominals in singing.
Don’t rely on your chorus for the warm-up. Warm-up before you get to your rehearsal if you can with my cds or some recording. Then your war- up at chorus will just be a “freshen up” to your warm up.
Everybody’s voice is different. I am sure the choral conductor would love to do a longer warm-up, but they are trying to get material learned and practiced.
Anytime I have ever gone to a rehearsal. I come warmed up on my own so I am ready to work.
Things to thing about.
Good luck and enjoy your singing!
Ariella Vaccarino