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How to "present yourself best when you sing" in 5 steps.

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

When you are singing in front of people you must "present yourself" to them. Be proud of your gift and perform strong.

Here are 5 things to do well when singing in front of people:

1. Stand up Straight:

Think of yourself as your "tallest self". Use this 3-string visualization for regal posture:

one string going straight up from your sternum

one coming up from the back of your head

one coming down from the base of your tail bone.


2. Sing proud

Make no apologies for your sound. Own your voice and give of it completely to your audience. If you are shy and hold back, no one will ever know what you really have to give as a singer.


3. Heavy Hands

Visualize that your hands are heavy and just let go of them. Only use them during your singing if you mean to and do it with purpose. So many singers have flailing hands that help them to keep rhythm or move their song forward. I only want to look at your hands if you mean to do something with them on purpose. Otherwise, they are distracting from your singing.


4. Strong Body

Just like a prize fighter would stand in preparation to fight, you stand as a singer strong, not easy to push over. Get the tension into your legs and feet and out of your throat. Use the floor to anchor your sound lower in your body, for a deeper connection to your sound and low breath for support.


5. Bright Face

Wake up and show yourself through your face. While your hands, i don't want to hear from so much, your face needs to be alert and bright, involved and committed. It makes such a huge difference to watch a singer who's face is capturing my attention. Look out, not down.


Now go sing people!

Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go