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I was BLOWN AWAY by Lady Gaga's singing in the Oscars!

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


Click Here to watch Lady Gage perform excerpts from the Sound Of Music at the Oscars 2015

Wow, I was BLOWN away by Lady Gaga last night at the Oscars. Her performance tribute to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music was incredible. To hear what she could do with her voice was something so unexpected.

Lady Gaga has a fantastic instrument and could have become a musical theater or perhaps even opera singer if she had chosen that path. She has a fully developed healthy singing voice with a gorgeous sound, a velvety quality and excellent technique.

It’s hard to imagine that she is the same woman who sings “Poker Face” (which I did love).

It brings up the subject of finding your niche, picking your path, or your genre as an artist.

It's not just about the voice you have. It's about what you want the outcome of what you do with it to be.

Obviously Lady Gaga has a fabulous trained instrument, but something in her wanted to be a pop singer/rock star.

I could only imagine with her persona that she picked the path she did because of her desire for self expression and original creation. That is not as available for musical theater performers who have to sing things that have already been written for them and performed thousands of times.

I get it. It was something I struggled with myself at times as an opera singer. Opera is a very high art form but you spend your time mastering the perfection of a predetermined art.

Also, I find that pop artists have the best type of audience connection, following, and admiration. How many musical theater or opera singers can the average person name or recognize as compared to the pop/rock artists?

Lady Gaga was a class act through the entire performance last night. She deserved that standing ovation. She took a risk revealing this other part of herself to her fans and the nation. It was so respectful to the music and Julie Andrews. I applaud her.


I will say when Julie Andrews walked out, I choked up. The whole thing was quite moving. Julie Andrews is vocal icon and to have a younger generation show her so much respect was very powerful.

I love the way it celebrated the trained developed voice. I hope it inspires people to go out and use and train their full voices.

Lovely Lady Gaga!

Sing well,

Ariella Vaccarino- creator of Voice Lessons To Go


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