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New to singing- How should I use your Voice Lessons To Go CDs effectively

By Arumuga ganesh

Hello Ariella,

I just purchased your box set a few days ago and I practice on my way to work. I’m wondering, can anyone learn to sing? I’ve never sang before and lately I’ve been so interested and bought your CDs. They’re fun! Will it improve my singing real soon if I practice everyday? How many minutes/times should I practice? Thank you -Crystal J

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for contacting me and for using my CDs. I am happy to hear that you have recently caught the bug to sing. I will say, that in my experience everyone can learn to sing better.
Not everyone can be a great singer though. Born talent is gifted to us mysteriously at many different levels. Most people can sing OK to good, rarely are people horrible or fantastic.
The most important thing is that it gives you joy to do it, so you should keep on singing and enjoy yourself. The more joy you feel, the more others will feel from you.

Sing as much as feels comfortable. The more you practice with the CDs the stronger your voice will become, but you never want to push or strain. And remember we sing with muscles, so just like any activity, you can’t go from zero to a full marathon. You need to build up your stamina. Try singing through my CDs every other day at first, and then push to everyday if all feels good. Listen to your own body. If something does not feel right, discontinue or take a break. Muscles need time to develop.

I hope that helps!
Ariella Vaccarino

Written by Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go (singing lessons on CD) and author of Vocalize!

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