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Singers need to be training in so many areas these days to promote themselves

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


It's tough in the singing business having to everything yourself. Not only do you need sing well, but you have to be able to promote yourself which entails making: demos, resumes, using music recording programs, email links, setting up YouTube videos, lighting yourself, doing the Photoshop graphics on your website that you make on free Wordpress site that you build, sizing pictures, uploading to itunes, making a podcast and linking it, setting up GoFundMe accounts for an album you want to record...

There are so many skills that we need now to sing and be heard. It is a wonderful time because we do have access to so many great resources, but obtaining enough knowledge in each category to properly promote ourselves can be crazy making. There really should be some sort of class on how to realistically promote yourself as a singer in today's world using all the resources out there and teaching you how to use them.

I know it is ideal to hire professionals to video tape, edit, cut and paste and link you. But unless we are truly born into a lot of money, that is not realistic. I feel it myself as a business owner. So many things I have had to learn just to look legitimate. When truly I am a singer and a voice teacher. You would think that I was a computer engineer by the amount of time I spend sitting and working at my laptop.

So singing has changed. What is great is that you do not need to rely on that one audition with an agent, or school, or record label to start being heard and to build a following. But, you do need a lot of skills outside of "our artistic talents" to take advantage of all the fantastic tools out there that will promote your singing talents to the world.

My advice to you is to really take these other skills seriously and learn them. They are not that hard to become mediocre at and often times that is enough to push you through. There are free YouTube videos on every subject from social media to editing in garage band. Watch something outside of a singing lesson everyday to advance your career. Learn how to build a YouTube channel and monetize it, learn how to create a calender of upcoming events on your website, find ways to record yourself with a good added microphone on your iPhone. Be glad that all of these platforms are out there because they give you as a singer limitless opportunities.

Now go learn something new!

Sing well.

Ariella Vaccarino (creator of Voice Lessons To Go)


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