Ariella's Vocal Notes- Blog

Sitting on the other side of the casting table.

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


I have been casting Voice Over Artist for some projects that I will be releasing soon and it is the first time I have been on "the other side" of the casting table. I am finding it very interesting. In the past I was always the singer trying to "get the gig". And for years I have been the teacher "prepping the singer to get the gig".

But here I am offering up the gig. And these are some things I am noticing that matter.

When people answer my ad, it can be over whelming. I have a lot going on between my kids, students, and Voice Lessons To Go business. So I am in general bombarded my emails. When I open one from a potential Voice Over candidate I am looking for some personal attention to detail in the intro letter they write me.

I have had people come in for an audition without having even looked at my website. That does not impress me.

Do your homework. Find out about the production you are trying out for. Whether it be the script, the company, the director, find out what it is all about. When you show up prepared and invested it is very respectful and impressive to the person on the other side. Like you cared enough...

When you speak with someone on the phone. Ask questions and be verbal, show your personality. I want to spend my hours working with people that I like and our phone calls make a difference.

I am totally annoyed when someone calls and has not taken even a minute to check the links I had sent over. The ones that really impress, take time not only to click the links, but the links with in the links. This takes 10 minutes or so to familiarize yourself with a project. So do it. Make the person casting feel like you are onboard with what they are doing. Like you want to be a "part of it". The people casting and creating are working hard and need whomever they bring on to represent their work and to be a "support in the vision".

That was I am learning in hiring, interns, assistants, voice over artists...even when I pick a CD manufacturing company. You want to feel cared about and interested in. I want someone sitting in my office with me who invests in my dream. Who can't wait to tell their friends that they are involved. That helps me to invest in them. Something to think about singers. :)

And if you don't care, don't try out. If you don't want to be a part of some one's dream, then step back and make room for the next person who does.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino