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Sometimes there’s not much to say to your voice student…

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

As a voice teacher there is a certain amount of pressure on me during a lesson to be correcting my students constantly to develop more range, more volume, and more vocal “growth” at every lesson, every time.

I will say that that is happening plenty during my lessons, but some singers need it more than others.

And that is ok.

Some students just walk in doing everything quite naturally. They are getting good access to their instrument on their own, are extremely musical, and know their niche.

This changes my job from "fixer and developer" voice teacher to "protector and keeper" voice teacher.

When this is the case;

I protect my students from falling off track in their own good technic during our weekly lessons.

I watch for bad singing habits creeping in on my student's singing technique from outside sources.

I continue training my students voices with singing warm-ups to develop stamina in their singing and breath support.

I provide a professional ear to help them to explore song choices and to discuss musical and career decisions.

But, most importantly,
**I am there as a voice teacher for my singing students to help them to gain confidence in what they are doing well so they feel ready to share it with others.**

Many students like and appreciate my style as they know me, but there are always those who don’t get it which is why I was moved to blog and explain it.

So while you may not think your teacher worked you enough or tried to change or alter your voice enough, you may need to accept that you are just naturally good at singing and don't always need tons of work to improve.

Make sure your own voice teacher knows when to get out of the way when you are doing things right and to validate you for it so you know.
We (teachers) don’t always have to tune and fix every time. Sometimes, we listen and encourage.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino