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The benefits of lip-trilling in your singing warm-up-video

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

Lip trills, sound and look funny for sure, but they are a great tool in your vocal warm-up so don't shy away from them.
Most singers can do them from the start, and others have to work a little harder to get them right.
Also, they can be unpleasant because when done correctly they can itch your nose and lips a bit. They also make you look funny while you are doing them for sure!

To achieve an ongoing lip trill:
1. Put your lips together
2. Keep them feeling relaxed and almost heavy.
3. Release tone into them while you blow air.
4. Practice it a lot and you will get it.

Enjoy this video showing me teaching you 3 Lip Trill exercises.

Lip Trill singing vocal warm up

Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go has created a video teaching you three singing vocal exercises using lip trills. Follow along and sing with her and hear what she has to say about the benefits of good lip-trilling as a tool for your routine vocalizing.

Here are 4 benefits to using lip trills in your Vocal warm-up.
1. They allow you to use your singing tone without engaging your tongue or jaw. This is excellent because both the tongue and jaw can be large sources of tension while singing. Eliminating that for a few exercises allows you to concentrate on creating pure tone without those added tensions.
2. Lip trills help you to directly connect your sound to your abdominal support wall. Since all the muscles that attach to the tongue are kept at bay, your abdominals have a better chance of perking up to support your sound.
3. Lip trilling is an excellent singing exercise to move your air quickly and work on your breathing.
4. Lip trilling can do a very good job at warming up your voice at a lower volume than full singing which can be important at times.

I have used 3 exercises directly off of my- v.4 Voice Lessons To Go CD Stamina, I am reading them at the piano out of my book Vocalize which has the sheet music transcriptions of my first 4 volumes of Voice Lessons To Go.

Sing well everyone!

Ariella Vaccarino