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The importance of singing your song ALL THE WAY THROUGH no matter what

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


Of course we need to vocalize, and then break apart our songs to work on sections; concentrate on proper diction, vowel production, support, lines, of course... And we should do all of that a lot.


BUT, we also, as singers need to practice singing our actual songs all the way through from start to finish- in time- no matter what. Even if you don't hit the high note, or you crack on a sustained note. And this is why:

It is one thing to break apart music and sing it well. We rest during those breaks and regroup and focus to "do it right". But when you sing a song through a performance you do not get that time. You need to learn how to fit in a realistic regrouping with the time given in between the measures of your actual piece.

Practice coming out of bad notes and regrouping on the spot. Focus on real time breath support, and the planning of your actual breaths. Singing a song all the way through teaches you to develop an arc to the song both theatrically and vocally. You will see certain sections that you sing fantastic and others that might be harder. The thing is, you need to recover immediately from a difficult or "off part" and get right back on. It is like getting back on a bike over and over, until you learn to get the whole ride smooth and pleasant.


Without getting used to singing something through no matter what you may find yourself in a performance getting off track and then not being able to get back on for the entire song which can be so frustrating. People are listening to the whole performance, not just one note.

So practice the WHOLE SONG as part of your practice regimen. As an opera singer, I get to the point (after I learn a role) where I practice singing through the whole opera, not just one piece no matter what. That is how I build up stamina and really learn what is weak and what parts I can count on. Then I go back at a different time to work on improving sections.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino (creator of Voice Lessons To Go)


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