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The inside scoop on how the movie FROZEN inspired me to come up with my new CD- Voice Lessons To Go-Vocal Repair.1

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

The inside scoop on how the movie FROZEN inspired me to come up with my new CD- Voice Lessons To Go-Vocal Repair.

October 10th, 2014


So here’s what really happened:

I was sitting at the piano with my 2-year-old daughter a few months ago, and she was asking, (more like demanding), that I sing Let it Go from Frozen over and over and over.

Now, Let it Go, sung by the incredible Idina Menzel is a fantastic song and a belting showcase. It takes a lot of power, and honestly very few people can sing it well and correct.

I can actually sing it quite good once or twice

(Being that I am a trained opera singer, my belt voice which is quite naturally strong, is not the voice that I tend to concentrate on and develop).

But for my daughter I kept on singing Let it Go, blasting it out…– “again Mommy, again”

Skip to that evening, my voice did NOT feel good. I felt like I had been screaming at a football game.

I knew that I had broken all the correct singing rules. The rules that I teach my own singing students on a daily basis:

DO NOT: Sing through vocal fatigue, push your natural voice to sound like someone else, or belt louder and higher than feels good and supported…

The next morning, I sat at the piano to get my voice back on track. I knew it would take a few days of proper vocal exercises, vocal rest and monitoring. I didn’t have any performances coming up, so I would be ok.

***And then I thought about it.***

There are probably many singers who have felt vocal strain in their voices at some point who could benefit from a group of vocalises that could be specific to healing their tired overused voice and setting their singing back onto a healthy track.

So, I sat there, with my own tired over-taxed voice, and created my latest CD which I am very proud of: (Another result of the film FROZEN.)


Voice Lessons To Go- Vocal Repair


If you have been over-singing,

loud talking at a party, excessively speaking,

recovering from being sick, or yelling at a game,

Vocal Repair is a fantastic tool for a gentle vocal recovery.

My new CD Vocal Repair is now available for purchase and will ship at the end of next week.

Click here to purchase Voice Lessons To Go- Vocal Repair -delivered world-wide.

Click here to purchase the download of Voice Lessons To Go- Vocal Repair for $9.99.

I’m excited for your feedback on it.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino


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