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The people who book, cast, hire you- Won’t always know about singing.

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

The people who book, cast, hire you- Won’t always know about singing.

July 16th, 2014


You would think that if you are going to be selected as a singer for something, that the people who would be guiding you through the creative process; would know a little something about music…

I was thinking back to a funny experience (actually was extremely annoying one at the time), years ago when I was singing my tail off for anyone who would hire me. I was brought into an audition for singing the vocals on a car commercial. The way they worked it out was they had 8 different filmed commercials and needed music to accompany each one. I had made it as far as being selected to record one of the eight commercials. The music had all ready been scored instrumentally and recorded. If it would have been selected, then I would have gotten the gig (ended up it was not selected).

So, it was an important “gig” because it was a national commercial which would have paid me well, I wanted to do my best. The guy who was working with me to put it all together wanted me to sing over the orchestral music. (There was no written music for me to sing, I was asked just to improv “like an opera singer- but not quite an opera singer” I am comfortable improvising melody so that part seemed do-able. I asked the guy what words he wanted me to use. And his response was, “make it French-sounding“.

I was sure I was not clear on what he had said, so I told him I can do it in French, that I am comfortable and trained to sing in that language.

He said, “No, just make it sound like French“. I think this was the most asinine things someone has ever said to me in an audition. I’m not sure why sounding like French was good but actual French would not pass for him.

But of course, I wanted this project. So I “FAKED a FAKE FRENCH LANGUAGE over an OPERATIC-ISH melody that I was MAKING UP ON THE SPOT for them and their car commercial.

It was ridiculous. All my schooling really was not so important I guess. Or maybe it did prepare me for that.

But the bottom line is. You will be working with all sorts of people. Some will appreciate and love your artistic abilities and others…well, there will be others.

It’s all a part of the singing circle. Head up and sing out people!

SIng well!

Ariella Vaccarino


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