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When Pharrell asks if you train every day...Mia Z- The Voice

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


I am enjoying watching The Voice and following all these great singers.

During a voice battle yesterday between Mia Z and Ashley Morgan, Pharrell asks Mia if she trains every day. She doesn't and had to admit that. That I am sure was a tough "kick yourself moment" for Mia. The minute she found out she was cast for the show, I would think she would have started a daily regiment to get herself into her best possible singing shape. I would really hope that regiment would have started the minute she decided she was going to audition for The Voice in the first place.

I always say, a great singer is like a great athlete. It takes discipline and hours of training to be at your optimum performance. What is tougher for Mia Z is that her opponent on this battle, Ashley Morgan, is clearly as trained and disciplined a singer as you can get.

Singers use muscles to support their vocal mechanism. If you want to sing solid, in control and for long periods of time, you have to train those muscles.

Now Mia Z won the battle and I totally understand why, she has something very unique and special about her sound. She has a cool look and is definitely her own artist which is great. She is also young and can develop so much which is very exciting I'm sure for someone like Pharrell.

Ashley Morgan was fantastic and is just statuesque. She had 3 steals on her, so all the coaches knew her value.

Singers if you want people to take you seriously, train seriously, be ready. Having Pharrell question your discipline to your craft in front of Lionel Richie and all of the country is a bummer., and could have been prevented.

Let's take this as a teaching moment and hope it helps singers to be more prepared all over.

I wish both of these singers luck. They are very talented.

Train every day, (Voice Lessons To Go will help)

Here's their battle is is really great.

The Voice 2015 Battle - Ashley Morgan vs. Mia Z Battle: "Put the Gun Down"

Ashley Morgan and Mia Z shoot it out in the first battle, singing ZZ Ward's "Put the Gun Down" for coach Pharrell Williams.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino- creator of Voice Lessons To Go


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