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Why I LOVE reality singing show competitions

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


I went to concert last night. It was Spandau Ballet. This was a popular “New Romantic” band from the 80’s. They were huge when I was in High School.

I was set up with some free tickets, right at the edge of the stage and an after party pass as well. Was very fun. The singer was in FANTASTIC VOCAL SHAPE. I was so impressed. It had me thinking...

He was in great vocal shape number 1 because he was a great singer. A lot of bands and singers have not been great since the invention of auto-tune, (which I have written about before).

But there has been a resurgence of real singers due to the fantastic world of Reality Vocal Competitions such as The Voice and American Idol and I am very thankful for that.

Those shows demand good singing. There is no one adjusting pitch and timbre back on an engineering board. We are hearing real singers, with real voices. They are also setting a level for young singers watching to aspire to. I love that.

It was incredible to me that this band I watched last night sounded EXACTLY like they used to on the radio.

It was because they recorded their actual sound.

Their sound was not engineered in a studio after the recording. That is a huge difference.

I think all the Engineering that we can do now to music has its place, but the musicians/vocalists should have talent. They should be able to pull off their own performances in concert without auto-tune.

Just my thoughts today!

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino


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