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Your voice teacher should "care about you".

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


I took note of something the other day. I had a mother of a newer student watching me after the person's lesson before her daughter. I was complimenting that student. Telling him a lot of great things about his voice, and his lesson. -Words of encouragement.

I caught the eye of this mom watching me, critically. And it dawned on me. Does she think I come up with great stuff to say for every student after every lesson so that I can keep that student coming back for more so I can get paid? Kind of like sham?

I became very self conscious for a moment about the whole thing and it led me to think about it... and of course blog about it.

One of the things, if not the most important thing that I believe makes me a great voice teacher is that I can see potential in people. I can sniff out what they are good at. What their strong points are and I focus my lessons on building that in them. It is my job to hear what kind of music they should sing, what kind of venues they should shoot for. Are they choir singers, musical theater leads, song writers who should hold a guitar and sing into a microphone, or just people with music in them?

I actually truly care about the success of the lessons for them. I do not believe that each of my students has the best voice out there, but I see what is their best to bring to their own voice/performance/lesson and I encourage it.

It is not a sham. It is a skill of mine. It is why people for years have "paid me the big bucks". I see who they can be through music. I always think that a good voice teacher is probably a bit of a therapist. They can see both your weaknesses and strengths. As a teacher I create each lesson according to the needs of the student in the moment to help them to grow.

I love to do that. I love to watch the improvement of an individual. I love to find their strengths and build upon them and then tell them what I saw so they believe it and grow from it. That is also why I enjoy teaching all kinds of students with varied levels of talent. (which some teachers avoid).

Some singers, have sweetness with soft voices, some have touching skills in song writing and delivery, others have big sounds that wow an audience. There are so many skills that I see during a lesson.

I "see them".

I always think that if you are sitting in a voice lesson, there is something inside of you that KNOWS you are meant to be there. It is your voice teachers job to figure that out. To help you to build your confidence and to develop the great things you have to offer.

So, to the mother eyeing me the other day, wondering if I am just "selling people on their abilities". That is what I have to say. And I feel very confident about that.

I love to teach. I love how each person has their own "specialness" to reveal through their singing.

And I genuinely care about my students.

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino (creator of Voice Lessons To Go)

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