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ZZZ Vocalize- Gentle Singing Warm Up

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

As we ease back into this new year, I decided to post a more gentle vocal exercise video to start us off. When singing these "ZZZ vocalizes" make sure that your throat stays relaxed. Put your focus and energy on the tip of your tongue and front of your teeth while completely disconnecting all stress from your larynx.

Remember your body should always be engaged and strong, but the throat needs to be free. When you do these "ZZZ exercises" correctly you will feel a sense of calm and release in your larynx. Your speaking voice should also gain some luster as the muscles are disconnected from strain.

Voice Lessons To Go: ZZZ vocalize- Singing warm up

There are different types of vocal exercises to develop your singing. Some really train skill, some develop stamina, some extend range, this ZZZ exercise relaxes and focuses your sound. It should be done to give your voice a break and helps to reduce strain and stress in the voice.