Franklin Chen's grain of Sand- Singing through traffic!

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Singing Through Traffic


Yesterday, I had a brutal drive of almost fifty minutes after work to attend a Pittsburgh JavaScript Developers meeting about AMD and CommonJS modules, where Brian Cavalier gave a nice presentation on module systems for JavaScript and comparing their strengths and weaknesses.

I survived the drive the same way I survived it last week, which was actually not as bad as yesterday’s was!

What I can’t stand about driving for half an hour or an hour, regardless of traffic situations, is being physically immobilized and mentally trapped. I have a backup plan in case I have to do such driving. I always have in my car’s CD player a CD of “Voice Lessons To Go” by Ariella Vaccarino.

So not only do I avoid wasting time and stay mentally alert and active, but it is also pretty physically intense, with all the breathing. I got a pretty good singing workout yesterday. Ariella’s guidance on the CD is very clear and friendly. I love it! I’m thinking of getting more volumes of this series.