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The Voice Lessons To Go CD series has sold over 100,000 CDs and downloads, and has several CDs and downloads that make perfectly unique and memorable holiday gifts. Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go, guides listeners through a wide range of singing exercises, providing explanations and vocal examples to piano accompaniment.

Voice 1

The Complete Set contains the first four volumes of the popular Voice Lessons To Go series in order to provide you with an advanced vocal training and a variety of tools that will keep you inspired and growing as a singer.

The Box Set Includes:

V.1 – Vocalize & Breath provides a thorough voice lesson consisting of a half hour of vocal warm-ups followed by deep breathing exercises and advice on posture and training.
V.2 – Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training focuses on improving your musicianship and sense of pitch. Filled with vocal exercises using solfege (Do, Re Mi), it is great for training your ear as well as warming-up your voice.
V.3 – Pure Vowels is the next step in your vocal training. Designed for intermediate and advanced singers, Pure Vowels focuses on natural vocal production – learning how to shape the vowel – so that every word is clear and can be understood.
V.4 – Stamina is the most advanced of all the Voice Lessons To Go CDs. Designed to challenge the singer, it is comprised of intricate vocal exercises that will strengthen your voice, improve your stamina, and increase your vocal agility.

Everyone from karaoke fans to Broadway singers, from novices who don’t want to pay for voice lessons to parents who want a fun CD to entertain kids in the car, can enjoy and learn from Ariella. Everyone knows somebody who loves to sing, and these lessons are the perfect gift!

Our girls both love music and have performed in choir for a few years now. They loved the CD collection, and have spent hours practicing with it and working to make themselves better. This CD will be a joy for any singer who wants to work to improve themselves as much as they possibly can.

About Voice Lessons To Go

Was founded in 2004 by Ariella Vaccarino, Voice Lessons To Go offers quality vocal training products at an affordable price for both the professional and aspiring vocalist. Ms. Vaccarino is an accomplished Opera singer, has performed on numerous movie soundtracks, and has been teaching voice and piano for over 20 years. The CDs and downloads are available at Voice Lessons To Go, iTunes, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Best Buy and other popular e-tailers. For more information please visit Voice Lessons To Go