Jazz Moods Radio with Asha Brodie: Learn to sing with "Voice Lessons to Go" CD Box Set - Holiday Gift Idea


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If you are an aspiring singer or just someone who needs to know the right way to hold a note, you will be impressed by what “Voice Lessons To Go” can do to further enhance your passion for singing.
“Voice Lessons to Go” is a vocal warm-up CD series that has been quite successful since it arrived on the market. So far there has been over 100,000 reported in sales for both CDs and downloads combined and many more to come since this will make a great holiday gift.
The CD set is geared towards everyone:  the Broadway singer who may be warming up for a performance, to children in a choir and even the novice that does not want to pay high prices in exchange for lessons. "Voice Lessons to Go" teaches everything from how to vocalize, breath control and there is even a CD tailored to teaching children how to sing.
The creator of “Voice Lessons to Go” is Ariella Vaccarino who has experience as a teacher and a singer with a wealth of over 20 years of knowledge.

I spoke to Ariella last week and she was excited to share more about the CD series.
Asha Brodie Jazz: What was the inspiration behind “Voice Lessons to Go?” It seems like such a practical gift since there are a lot of people out there who want to learn to sing better as well as those who are looking for a refresher.
Ariella Vaccarino: I had been teaching about 35 students a week in Beverly Hills for years. In general, I always started them off with a long healthy vocal warm-up. I would pull vocal exercises out to suit each singer, and had developed many variations on vocal training. I thought to myself  'one day I could record these and reach masses of singers.' I knew that private vocal instruction was expensive, and not everyone could access a private teacher due to cost, location, or time. But so many people love to sing at so many different levels, why not offer a product that shares high level vocal warm-ups to anyone who wants to develop and improve their own singing? You don't have to be a singing professional to want to be "your best singer".
ABJ: Are there different styles of singing that one can learn from this?
AV: Voice Lessons To Go is specifically designed to warm-up the voice, train the voice, and develop stamina and consistency. It does not focus on any styles of music, rather healthy vocal production.
ABJ: You mentioned earlier that you taught  warm-up lessons to students. Tell us more about your musical background.
AV: I am a trained Opera Singer. I went to USC Thornton School of Music for Vocal Arts. I sang with LA Opera, Opera Pacific, on films and in Europe. I have taught private voice lessons for 20 years. Once I started having children (I have 5!), I put my own singing on hiatus to stay local, and have been concentrating on helping others to sing via private instruction and my Brand of Voice Lessons To Go.
ABJ: That is impressive. I have to ask, who do you think can benefit from this product?
AV: Anyone who wants to sing. I have professional singers use my CDs, as structured training, vocal warm-ups and supplements to their own private lessons. And I have people who have never sung with a teacher in their life, but always wanted to. So many people wish they could train their voice but due to cost, time, or location, they can't fit it into their lives. “Voice Lessons To Go” gives anyone access to good, developed vocal exercises, advice, and training. The program is great because it can be done in the car, or at home.
ABJ: That's awesome. I know there are a lot of people who would love the convenience of being able to learn how to sing while they are in their car as well. How is the tutorial set up? Can you walk us through that?
AV: The CDs are all made up the same way. I introduce each vocal, give a singing example and talk you through the exercises... all to piano accompaniment.  V.3 and v.4 offer a second section of just piano accompaniment for the vocal exercises so that once you have mastered them, you do not need to "hear me" while you sing.
ABJ: What sets your product apart from similar ones on the market?
AV: Like my private teaching, my CDs are straight-forward and to-the-point. I don't fill it with extra material. I have you singing right away to good quality vocal exercises. I don't claim to "make anyone a star" like some CDs. I know if you use my CDs regularly you will get results. Results vary of course depending on the God-given talent that you have been born with. Not everyone will have a "golden voice", but anyone who uses my CDs can learn to sing better.
ABJ: How often would you say someone should spend with this product to get to that semi-pro if not pro stage?
AV: They should start by trying to sing through one CD every day. If your voice gets tired, stop and try again the next day. You will build up strength overtime. Do not push yourself. Proper singing takes the correct muscular support for the vocal mechanism. If you push or strain you will be using the wrong muscles, creating bad habits. Sing as long as it feels supported.
Also, not everyone will sound like a pro, no matter how much they practice. There are different levels of success for different types of singers. Some people just want to be able to sing "Happy Birthday" comfortably in a crowd; others want to star on Karaoke night at a bar, while others are shooting for Broadway, an audition for the Voice, or for a local operetta. These CDs can work for all these people.
ABJ: What stage would you start someone off who can never stay on key? I would imagine that would be a beginner's kit. If so what does it consists of?
AV: V.1 Vocalize and Breath and V.2 Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training are where you should start. Do these CDs for a few months and then slowly add on v.3 Pure Vowels and v.4 Stamina as you master the first two.
ABJ: I heard you also teach kids to sing via the Sing Out Proud CD. Tell us more about that.
AV: This is a fun, educational singing CD for children. The exercises build upon each other. For example: I may sing 1,2,3, (C,D,E) up the piano, then change the melody to La,La,La, then to Do,Re,Mi. I keep the ranges small, so there is no pushing. I introduce the children to solfeggio, singing scales, different vocal warm-ups. I talk about posture, good breathing etc... I do it all in a fun tone suitable for preK-6th grade or so. I think it is interesting enough for a parent to join their kids for the program as well.
ABJ: As a mother of young kids I think this sounds as a great way to spend quality time with them. Do you plan on introducing the Sing Out Proud CD to schools one day?
AV: I would love to do that. I know many home-schooled parents are using my CDs as an inexpensive form of music education which I think is so flattering!
ABJ: How effective has it been in terms of feedback from those who bought the program?
AV: The reviews on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and those written to me personally have been great. I am lucky to have a large following on Facebook as well. I am thrilled to have such a supportive "fan base". Without a major music publisher behind me, the fact that this "mommy of 5" has sold over 100,000 CDs is something I am proud of. That speaks for itself about the product.
ABJ: Finally,  you have outlined such a powerful CD program, how much does it cost?
AV: All my single CDs are 19.99- check my sites for seasonal sales.The Box Set of all 4 CDs is 49.99. The Vocal Assessments range from 24.99-$150
In addition to the warm-up CDs, Ariella has also released a book called “Vocalize!” which includes sheet musical transcription of all four CDs. This is available for worldwide shipping. Additionally, she also gives vocal assessments which allows people to send links/mp3s of recordings of their voice with questions for evaluation. This is an online service found at the website: www.voicelessonstogo.com 
Ariella Vaccarino
The “Voice Lessons To Go” collection includes the recently-released “Vocal Repair,” a singing curriculum specifically designed for the tired, over-taxed, and recovering voice. Other CDs include “Voice Lessons To Go: v.1 Vocalize and Breath,” “Voice Lessons To Go: v.2 Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training,” “Voice Lessons To Go: v.3 Pure Vowels,” “Voice Lessons To Go: v.4 Stamina,” all of which are for teens and adults. “Sing Out Proud!”, meanwhile, is a popular singing CD for children. The CDs and downloads are available at www.voicelessonstogo.com, iTunes, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Best Buy and other popular e-tailers.