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Monday, December 15, 2014

Voice Lessons To Go Review 


Do you know that kids are natural-born singers?  My kids have always seemed to have an interest in singing, but because I'm far from being a singer myself, I never knew what to do to help them improve their voices. 

I was offered to review VOICE- Lessons To Go Sing Out Proud for Kids, and it was perfect timing as the kids have just joined a choir.

Sing out Proud! was designed specifically for the younger singer. It introduces kids to the world of singing and teaches them how to warm up their voices in a healthy, fun way. With gentler vocal ranges, the exercises are easy to follow, easy to do, and easy on the voice. 

And it is an excellent way to provide kids with the number one quality needed as a performer – confidence!
The CD was very easy for the kids to follow along, and they loved the idea of getting a singing lesson.  It teaches them posture, breathing and easy warm-ups.  
Ariella Vaccarino sings along with piano accompaniment.  She is a highly demanded voice teacher, and has been teaching for 18 years.  She has produced several CDs, and does a great job keeping kids interested.
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Developed for children ages 4 – 10+
BUY IT: Find it HERE for $14.99