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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Voice Lessons To Go-Sing Out Loud for the child who loves to sing 

Last week we attended my 6 year old son's school Christmas music performance. It started with his and all the other first grade classes from his school, when the first grade classes were done with their 30 minutes of songs the second graders performed, then third graders. My son's school of K-5th grade has over 750 students. Taking an entire grade level starting at Grade 1 and getting them to stand in unison on stage singing on cue for 30 minutes makes for a talented choir teacher. He really loves teaching these kids and my son was even given a small speaking part. He was so enthusiastic about the experience and combining that with his need for music anywhere, anytime from in the car to every night at bed brings a child who loves expressing himself through songs and music. There is one problem...he has no tone! Of course, I he is young and at his age the voice is not yet developed, but if he is like my husband and I, he may not have much of a chance winning any grammy (lol).
These kids love music class day on Tuesdays. They play these fun games that actually introduce them to melody and rhythm. At this age they just love songs and singing,.What happens when you have a child who strongly wants to perfect or even asks how to sing well? These kids may be expressing their desire to learn more about what is discussed mildly in a school music class. I can't answer that if I were asked, could you? Lessons To Go knows how to help! I have the Sing Out Loud for kids CD and my son and I listened to it to see how intrigued he may be at learning more. I don't expect him to be any great artist ever, but the performance really drew him out of his shell a bit with the speaking part and when he is even a bit intrigued, I like to just offer education and he can do as he pleases.
About Voices To Go -Sing Out Loud for kids CD
  • Introduces young kids to the world of singing
  • Teaches kids how to warm up their voices in a fun and healthy way
  • Exercises are east to follow and easy to do
  • Also focuses on posture, dictation and breathing
  • Low-cost alternative to music introduction and lessons
  • Great way to test a child's interest level in music
  • Ages Preschool through Grade 5
This makes a fun gift for any child and family! Have an older child or adult music-lover? Voices to Go has lessons for all ages!