Momma's Bacon- Sing Out Loud for kids CD

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Sing Out Loud for kids CD


Sing Out Loud for kids CD

“Voice Lessons to Go™” CDs Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffers 

My mom is a singer and guitarist and I became her protégé at an early age.  We sang everywhere from reunions, church to home.  Music class was always my favorite and I was a star pupil.  My first run in with solos came early but as a shy child I was nervous to sing in front of a crowd.  I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t feel good enough.  My first play I talked my lines much to the chagrin of my teacher, Ms. Somerville, who thought she found my talent.  It was disappointing to say the least.

It wasn’t until high school that I began to develop my singing and songwriting skills and I felt it was something I was good at doing.  Yet, I’ve never taken a lesson!  I needed to but I didn’t have the money or, as most kids may find, I liked my voice as untrained as it was.

Seeing my oldest following in my footsteps is not only rewarding, I want her to have what I didn’t.  Singing lessons.  She has a beautiful voice just not enough to carry and breath in her diaphragm like me.  Singing is an art form and one that can be taught.  It’s a beautiful thing to carry a note and to learn to sing with power.  I ran across a wonderful CD for kids to help them on their singing journey and I was impressed.  Why?  It teaches techniques that I can’t provide and her love of singing has increased.  Bonus!

voice lessons to go

So, we wanted to start off slow.  I didn’t want to push her in any direction and wanted singing to be FUN!  This first volume in the “For Kids” series contains tips on healthy singing, including correct posture, breathing and diction as well as singing warm-ups broken up into three separate vocalizes: singing numbers (1, 2, 3), singing syllables (la), and singing solfege (do, re, mi) . Musical terms such as “major scales”, “chords”, “octaves”, “staccato” and “legato” are sung and explained throughout.

Developed for children ages 4 – 10+, the goal of Sing Out Proud! is to build healthy, confident voices and provide an introduction to music education – creating good singers on the road to becoming young musicians.  As you know, the first step in singing is CONFIDENCE.  Teaching kids music theory is so important and with school budgets slashing music programs I wanted to give her some extra steps on something I didn’t learn.  Vocal capacity and interest in vocal training.  It worked!  As a life long lover of music, this is a perfect gift for those kids who want to sing, but do not have the tools.  Sure, I can teach her instruments, but the most important instrument I lack – my vocals.  It is great to see that music education can start at home and this is a two thumbs up basic fundamentals of vocals.  Hurrah!

Teaches the basic fundamentals of singing warm ups:

  • * Easy to follow, easy to do – not too vocally challenging
  • * Low-cost alternative to introducing kids to music education and singing instruction
  • * Perfect for testing a child’s interest level and commitment to vocal training
  • * For preschool age children through 5th grade+

Sing Out Loud for kids CD