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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Give the gift of singing with Voice Lessons to Go this Holiday Season!

If you have a child who loves to sing, then you're going to love the Sing Out Proud CD from Voice Lessons to Go which is the perfect gift for kids who love music this holiday season!
This instructional singing CD is specifically designed for the younger singer, ages 4-10+. It's a fun way to introduce kids to the world of singing and it will teach them how to warm up their voices with easy to follow, easy to do, and easy on their voice instructions. 
Kids will learn how to warm-up their voices, as well as things like correct posture, breathing techniques and musical terms such as 'major scales', 'chords', 'octaves', 'staccato', 'legato', and much more. 
The CD is a low-cost alternative to introducing kids to music education and singing instruction. It's a great way t0 test a child's interest level to the singing world and a good way to see their commitment level to vocal training. It's also an excellent way to provide kids with the number one quality needed as a performer --confidence. It will help a good singer, become a great musician. 
Our son loves to sing and is excited to learn with the Sing Out Proud CD. Voice Lessons to Go also offers The Complete Box Set which is a great option for teens and adults wanting to learn more about the world of singing or to improve their voices through further instruction. 
You can learn more about Voice Lessons to Go and everything they have to offer by visiting: