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Voice Lessons on the Go

November 20, 2015 


So, I have a confession to make. I love to sing. And by sing, I mean, I love to sing really loudly and boldly attempt to reach the high, difficult notes that Adele pulls off on her latest album.

When I’m in the car, alone, is usually when I start belting it out, or at home in front of my kids who are super embarrassed and begging me to stop singing. Again. I know they roll their eyes at me when I sing, but lately, I’ve been doing a lot more of it. Making up songs or picking some ballad with challenging vocals to annoy my kids – or show off my skills – whatever.

I always envied the kids in school who could get up on stage in front of a huge audience and sing their hearts out. I’ve gotten used to public speaking as an adult but I seriously get knots in my stomach at the idea of singing, into a microphone, in front of a crowd. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, but something I’ve honestly dreamed of ever since I was young.

I’m sure my parents probably remember me singing along to Whitney Houston songs, especially when my sister started to learn to play some of her songs on the piano, but I never gained enough confidence to even attempt to take singing lessons, which is why the Voice Lessons To Go set of CDs intrigues me.


The four disc set includes lessons on Vocalizing & Breathing techniques, Do Re Me Ear and Pitch Training, Pure Vowels, and Stamina. So, for those who love to sing along to the music and for those who have to suffer through it, this is a fun set to give or receive this holiday season.

Imagine, from the comfort of your car while stuck in traffic, you can listen, learn and practice your skills so you can wow the crowd at your next Karoake gig, church choir performance or prepare for those Christmas Carols.

You know what else is super cool? V.1 – Vocalize & Breath is now available for download in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian with Japanese and Farsi. Releasing just in time for the holidays, these foreign-language downloads make the perfect unique gift for the singer in your life – whatever the language.

They even have a kids’ version!


Founded in 2004 by Ariella Vaccarino, Voice Lessons To Go ™ offers quality vocal training products at an affordable price for both the professional and aspiring vocalist. Ms. Vaccarino is an accomplished Opera singer, has performed on numerous movie soundtracks, and has been teaching voice and piano for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area.