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Voice Lessons To Go for Kids CD Review


She Sings Out, Inc., Creator of Acclaimed “Voice Lessons to Go™”, Releases “Voice Lessons To Go for Kids! v.1 – Sing Out Proud!” to Help Children Learn How to Sing in a Healthy and Affordable Way   


(Los Angeles, CA) March 22, 2011 - She Sings Out, Inc., creator of the popular vocal warm-up CD series “Voice Lessons To GoTM,” which have sold over 50,000 Cd’s and downloads, has released “Voice Lessons To Go for Kids! v.1- Sing Out Proud!,” a CD designed for young singers (pre-kindergarten through 6th grade) to learn how to warm up their voices and have fun while doing it. The vocal training and music education on the CD is performed by Ariella Vaccarino, who founded She Sings Out, Inc. in 2004 and has been teaching voice for 18 years.
“Sing Out Proud!” is the first volume of Ariella Vaccarino’s popular “Voice Lessons To Go” series designed for kids. The CD delivers fun and insightful advice on healthy singing, including guidance on posture, breathing, and diction. Musical terms are sung through and explained, while music theory is addressed in an accessible and entertaining fashion. “Sing Out Proud!” takes the intimidation out of singing lessons and simply lets the listener or student have a good time. The lessons, however, are based on expert music education and help foster confident voices and sound musicianship.
Moreover, the Cd’s are perfect for young children, whose voices are too young to handle intense technical singing lessons. “Sing Out Proud!” nurtures children’s music ability and familiarizes them with serious singing without straining or compromising their delicate vocal development.
Ariella Vaccarino, an accomplished Opera Singer who attended USC and has sung on many films, created “Sing Out Proud!” with the intention of bringing quality healthy vocal instruction to the masses regardless of location, genre, or experience level of the student. As the mother of three young boys, Vaccarino realized the significant expense of voice lessons. She was inspired to create “Sing Out Proud!” to help ease financial burdens for families while instilling crucial creative and confidence-building experiences in kids. Additionally, while many schools have dropped music education and as arts budgets continue to disappear, Vaccarino’s Cd’s for children are becoming an even more important aspect of a child’s educational and artistic growth.
Vaccarino also is the creator of “Voice Lessons To Go: v.1 Vocalize and Breath,” “Voice Lessons To Go: v.2 Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training,” “Voice Lessons To Go: v.3 Pure Vowels,” and “Voice Lessons To Go: v.4 Stamina,” as well as the author of “Vocalize!,” a sheet music compilation from “Voice Lessons To Go.” 
“The goal of ‘Sing Out Proud!’ is to develop good, healthy, confident voices as well as to develop children’s theoretical knowledge about music, creating good singers on the road to being young musicians,” noted Vaccarino. “Young children from every background and talent level can now recognize their singing talent and style while releasing the little performer within,” she added.
As a fun educational and music tool, the CD is perfect for grandparents and parents who want a unique gift for elementary school aged kids, for music educators to help enrich their students’ music experience, for young actors and theater kids to train for various roles or auditions, and for just about anyone else who would like to learn how to sing. It’s also a great activity to do with family or friends, as well as a welcomed alternative to television for young kids.
For more information about “Sing Out Proud!” or “Voice Lessons To Go,” please visit the website.
About She Sings Out, Inc.
Founded in 2004 by Ariella Vaccarino, She Sings Out, Inc. creates quality vocal training products at an affordable price for both the professional and aspiring vocalist. Ms. Vaccarino is an accomplished Opera singer, has performed on numerous movie soundtracks, and has been teaching voice and piano for over 18 years in the Los Angeles area. For more information about “Voice Lessons To Go” or Ms. Vaccarino, please visit the website.
My oldest daughter is a natural born performer! She loves to sing, dance and act! I gave her the Voice Lessons to Go for Kids CD, and she has been practicing and singing ever since. I have noticed a marked improvement in her vocal ability and stamina! She loves working with the CD, and feels like her voice is improving because of it! With our family’s budget, traditional voice lessons are out of the question right now, this CD is an affordable alternative! If you have a little performer in your house, consider checking out Voice Lessons To Go, maybe get one for yourself while your at it!



You can purchase Voice Lessons To Go online, they offer free shipping in the US! You can also have a personal vocal assessment as well!
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