V.3 ‐ Pure Vowels

Singing should be an extension of your speaking voice. And while we don’t necessarily sing like we speak, the act of singing uses the same musculature as speaking – and it’s important to keep the same, comfortable vocal posture and production when you sing. Finding where every vowel needs to sit in your own voice can help ensure that your singing voice is as honest and natural as your speaking voice.

Producing pure vowels – giving every vowel its own life is what can help you achieve “Bella Voce” (the term used in classical voice training to describe beautiful singing).

V.3 - Pure Vowels is the next step in your vocal training. Designed for intermediate and advanced singers, Pure Vowels focuses on proper vocal production – learning how to shape the vowel – so that every word is clear and can be understood. The exercises are separated by the vocalizes on “ah”, ey”, “ee”, “oh”, “oo”, and “i”. Part I of the CD is a walk-through with sung examples and explanations by creator of Voice Lessons To Go™, Ariella Vaccarino; Part II is straight piano accompaniment so that once you master the concepts, you can sing freely on your own without interruption.

* Learn how to properly produce vowels
* Find where every vowel should sit in your own voice
* Improve tone, intonation, and diction
* Discover your full vocal range

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