Voice Lessons To Go™ V.1 - Vocalize & Breath


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Learning to sing is about much more than singing a song. Proper warm-ups, breathing, and posture are vital to achieving your singing goals while keeping your voice healthy. Daily vocal warm-ups, known as vocalizes, can enhance your breathing, improve the quality of sound you produce, and help you strengthen and extend your vocal range.

V.1 - Vocalize & Breath provides a thorough voice lesson consisting of a half hour of vocal warms-ups followed by breathing exercises and advice on posture and training. Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go™, guides you through the singing exercises, providing vocal examples to piano accompaniment.

For beginning singers, Vocalize & Breath is a great introduction and exposes those with little vocal training to the rudiments of singing instruction. The exercises are simple with less demanding ranges, easing you into voice training. And Ariella gives explanations of each vocalize that are clear and easy-to-follow.

* Teaches the basics of vocal exercises, known as vocalizing

* Teaches proper techniques to avoid injuring the vocal chords

* Focuses on breathing and how to use the body to sing – engaging the diaphragm, correct muscles and breath

* Develops and strengthens the voice and vocal range

For professionals and more seasoned singers, Vocalize & Breath is the perfect daily warm-up to gradually wake up your vocal instrument; engaging your diaphragmatic muscles through proper breathing, creating a strong support system which allows you to sound and feel better during and after a performance. Because the vocal ranges are less demanding, it is a great for vocalizing before rigorous singing.

* Ideal for simple vocalizing or pre-audition/ performance warm-up

* Breathing exercises help strengthen the voice and improve stamina for those with vocal fatigue

* Improves vocal tone, power, and range

* Designed to be a gentle vocalize, focusing on proper techniques that won’t stress or damage your instrument


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