Designed as a companion to the Voice Lessons To Go™ CD series, VOCALIZE! is the transcribed compilation of the first four volumes. For singers, having the lessons in sheet music form really helps you to visualize each exercise. For vocal coaches, voice teachers, and choir directors VOCALIZE! provides an excellent resource to complement your lessons and develop a curriculum.

The book contains sheet music for the lessons provided on each CD. Each exercise includes individual notes of instruction by Voice Lessons To Go™ creator, Ariella Vaccarino. In addition to the range of vocal exercises – from simple to challenging – the beginning of the book provides advice on posture, breathing and finger break-downs for piano players.

* For musicians, teachers, choral conductors, or anyone who can read music
* Takes vocalizing to the next level – visualizing each exercise
* Perfect training supplement for vocal coaches and choral directors
* Compiles countless vocalizes into one valuable teaching resource

SKU : 3672294 Manufacturer : She Sings Out, Inc. ISBN : 9780615209333