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How to learn a long-patterned singing exercise

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

In this weeks mini lesson video I break down a longer vocalize, using 4 singing warm-ups from my v.1, Vocalize and Breath CD. I also offer both slower and faster tempi on each exercise. It is important to break down a longer-patterned singing exercise at first into parts if you are struggling to learn it. That also applies to learning any type of run in singing. This video will also just get you on the way to a good vocal warm-up.

Here is this week's video:

Voice Lessons To Go- How to learn a long-patterned vocal exercise- mini singing lesson

(This week I pull 4 exercises from my v.1 CD, Vocalize and Breath and play them straight out of my Book, Vocalize! on the piano for the video. I use them as a starting point and then vary, direction and tempo.)

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Sing well everyone!
Ariella Vaccarino