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Rough morning- Vocal Recovery Singing Lessons

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go

I'm sure we all have days when we destroy our voice over things; Yelling at games, stress with your family, talking over loud noise, or over singing.

Well, I seemed to be completely vocally out of wack by 7:45 a.m. the other morning.

I had a rough morning "pushing" my kids out to school, (I have 5 of them...).
It was just rougher than usually and I ended up using a lot of "chesty" yelling sounds to actually get it done.

I was super frustrated at the situation and also, mad at myself for letting all that tension go STRAIGHT INTO MY LARYNX.

Rather than pity myself, I decided to get productive and make a video about what to do when your voice feels the way mine was feeling at that moment. I made a CD about this exact thing a few years ago so I pulled exercises off of it.


If you listen closely you can here hoarseness in my voice, that was just after a few minutes of bad usage with my kids. The voice is very fragile, but it can also be very resiliant when we get back to doing things correctly.

Voice Lessons To Go- Rough morning-vocal recovery. Singing lesson

What do you do when your voice hurts? In this weeks mini lesson, Ariella Vaccarino focuses on vocal recovery after she had used her voice incorrectly in what was a stressful morning getting her kids out to door on time for school that morning.

Sing well everyone!
Ariella Vaccarino