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Voice Lessons To Go's Box Set on sale- $38.99

By Ariella Vaccarino creator of Voice Lessons To Go


Happy holidays! We are amidst purchasing gifts for our friends and loved ones over here, so we know finding the perfect gift at the right price is important. I decided to put a major sale on The Box Set of Voice Lessons To Go for a short period of time, so that if you have any friends who love to sing, The Box set would be the perfect gift while staying easy on your pocket.

$38.99 is lower than Amazon and it is also lower then downloading all four volumes which is a great deal. I like the idea of giving actual tangible gifts, (The downloads are fantastic and totally worth every penny, but you can't wrap them put them under the tree, or stuff them in a stocking!)

V.1-4 – The Complete Set contains the first four volumes of the popular Voice Lessons To Go™ series in order to provide you with comprehensive vocal training and a variety of tools that will keep you inspired and growing as a singer. The Complete Set makes it easy to switch up lessons at your convenience and pace – all at a reduced rate from purchasing each CD individually. The Box Set Includes:

* V.1 - Vocalize & Breath provides a thorough voice lesson consisting of a half hour of vocal warm-ups followed by deep breathing exercises and advice on posture and training. Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go™, guides you through the exercises, providing vocal examples and piano accompaniment.

* V.2 - Do Re Mi / Ear & Pitch Training focuses on improving your musicianship and sense of pitch. Filled with vocal exercises using solfege (Do, Re Mi), it is great for training your ear as well as warming-up your voice. The CD starts off with simple tone recognition, then moves on to solfege – concentrating on forms of the major and chromatic scales - and ends with “Hearing Your Note”, which teaches you how to hear and sing specific notes out of a group.

* V.3 - Pure Vowels is the next step in your vocal training. Designed for intermediate and advanced singers, Pure Vowels focuses on natural vocal production – learning how to shape the vowel – so that every word is clear and can be understood. The exercises are separated by the vocalizes on “ah”, ey”, “ee”, “oh”, “oo”, and “i”. Part I of the CD is a walk-through with examples and explanations by creator of Voice Lessons To Go™, Ariella Vaccarino; Part II is straight piano accompaniment so that once you master the concepts, you can sing freely on your own without interruption.

* V.4 – Stamina is the most advanced of all the Voice Lessons To Go™ CDs. Designed to challenge the singer, it is comprised of intricate vocal exercises that will strengthen your voice, improve your stamina, and increase your vocal agility. Part I of the CD is a walk-through with examples and explanations by creator of Voice Lessons To Go™, Ariella Vaccarino; Part II is straight piano accompaniment, providing a complete vocal workout, without interruption.

The Complete Box Set is a Perfect Gift for the Singer in Your Life!

Happy holidays everyone. We are making post office drops every day till Christmas :)

Ariella Vaccarino

Sing well!

Ariella Vaccarino (creator of Voice Lessons To Go)

Voice Lessons To Go


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