Providing constructive critiques of your singing voice.

Would you like an honest assessment of the quality of your singing voice? Are you struggling with an aspect of your singing and want to understand what is happening with your voice? Or do you simply need advice on what style of music would best suit your voice?

Since we can’t always hear how we sound to others, sometimes a pair of professional ears to take a “quick listen” is all that is needed to get an understanding what is going on with our voice. With a Vocal Assessment, Ariella Vaccarino – voice teacher and creator of Voice Lessons To Go™– will evaluate your singing and provide professional feedback on where you are vocally and what steps you can take to improve.

Assessments are easy to do! Simply select the level of assessment you would like, send an email with an audio or visual recording of your singing (attachment or link) and Ariella will personally reply with a constructive critique within 5-7 business days.

Level 1 - $24.99

Level 2 - $39.99

Level 3 - $79.99

Level 4 - $150

How it Works 

* Select the level of assessment (i.e. Level 1, Level 1, etc.)  you would like

* Once you have completed the check-out, send your recording to

* You can attach a recording to the email or send a link to your recording (such as on YouTube)

* For Levels 1 and up, make sure to include your questions in the email

* You will receive your professional Vocal Assessment within 5-7 business days

* Recordings can be sent up to 1 year of the purchase date

Vocal Assessments are easy! Don’t be concerned with the quality of the recording. It doesn’t need to have been made in a studio or digitally mastered – it’s as easy as recording a minute of your voice on a smartphone and emailing it. You don’t need instrumental accompaniment. Any song and any portion of a song is all that is needed. The quality of your voice is being assessed, nothing else!

If you would like an assessment of your voice and your performance consider sending a video of you in your “natural” performance setting (with a microphone, playing the guitar, etc.).

*** All recordings for Vocal Assessments must be received within 1 year of the purchase date. ***